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Megaplatanos, our village
 Our village


We live in the village of Megaplatanos, at the area of Almopia which belongs to the prefecture of Pella, Macedonia, Greece.

Our village is situated at the foot of Mount Voras, where you can also find a skiing resort.


EDESSA is at a distance of 25 km of our village. It's the capital of the prefecture of Pella and its famous for its waterfalls.

ANCIENT PELLA, the capital of ancient Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the great is only 50 km away from our village. Visitors can still admire the ruins of the palace of Alexander the Great.

The THERMAL SPRINGS of LOUTRAKI and the GORGE of POZAR are also worth seeing and not far from Megaplatanos.

THESSALONIKI is 110 km east from Megaplatanos and the picturesque villages and the wonderful beaches of CHALKIDIKE can easily be reached, as they are at a distance of only 150 km from our village.

The gorge of Pozar
 The gorge of Pozar

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